I’m a recent graduate from Billy Blue with a Bachelor of Communication Design, currently looking for an internship or junior role. I focus on holistic design with design thinking and a human-centered approach to elevate our experiences within brands and our built world.

I strive for thoughtful and relevant solutions that are outcome-based for every project. I’m learning to become more open, adaptable and curious of the world in a way that can positively influence our thinking, knowledge and craft.

I work with clients primarily with branding, identity and poster designs, but have an interest in opportunities within UX/UI, publication, type design and more. I’m always eager to progress and grow, so I value project-based learning and conscious consumption in developing new skills. Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are my main programs at this stage, but am interested in exploring more of AfterEffects, XD, Lightroom and Blender.


As much as I feel like design has engulfed my life, I try to switch off by playing games, doing car things, watching anime, and recently I’ve been fascinated by spirituality, philosophy and psychology, so I read some books on that and practice things I’ve learned, which usually translates back into design.

Thanks so much for reading all this, I appreciate your time here. Feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts, feedback or opportunities! If you’d like, head over to my Instagram to see more fun things I’ve made.

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