Hi again, I am a recent graduate from Billy Blue with a Bachelor of Communication Design, and I am currently looking for an internship where I can cultivate connections and experiences to truly start my design journey. 

If I were to consider myself anything of relevance, I’d be an Intermediate Generalist and a Lazy Over-Achiever. With a good utilisation of intuition and logic, I can set my mind to any task and fulfil it, especially when there’s a deadline. I am as much as problem-solver as I am a problem-seeker. Either way, I commit to both with equanimity and openness.

My greatest and simplest ambition is to have a positive impact to everyone I can connect with. Through brands, I wish to create holistic solutions that elevate a persons experience and every now and then, change perceptions.

Otherwise, in my spare time, I like to go in between learning and living. I enjoy reading on philosophy, psychology and topics or stories regarding that nature, going on walks in nature, driving, playing video games, film and tv, and sprawling the internet.


Thanks so much for reading this, I appreciate your time here. Feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts, feedback or opportunities! If you’d like, head over to my Instagram to see my poster experiments.

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