Bengas is a biogas producer and product distributor, offering renewable energy to the mass market. Introducing affordable innovative solutions whilst combating the food waste crisis across Australia. 

The business was a collaborative effort with 3 other students from conception to creation. Final collateral and designs are designed by myself. The scope of the project required a website, print campaign and application to accompany Bengas’ members.


The website was designed as a contemporary and informative experience. Users are given simple and clear access points to either educate themselves on biogas and its products, and curated services are created for Bengas users to optimise gas at home.

An account system is free to users who purchase and implement Bengas into their homes. It acts as a dashboard for gas usage and product management. Designed for a sleek and seamless experience, it serves only with practicality and function in mind.

The following campaigns use quirky idioms to create conversation that’s relatability. The key function is to provide awareness to biogas for homes, targeting consumers who use LPG and fossil fuel gases.


The accompanying Bengas app that connects with Bengas home products are advertised specifically as free to use.

The Bengas app is more or less an extension of the website, but all in your hands, on-the-go or on your couch. Everything you need from managing energy usage, costs, products and detailed analytics, to regular tips to help users get the most from utilising their energy. The app also offers contact support and customer service through the click of a button.

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Branding and Identity

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