This dual project required designing a typeface and content for a limited publication series that depicts and accounts esoteric subcultures through experimental editorial and graphic design.

The conception of this project was based on the challenge to blend contemporary and classical ideas that amalgamate in our modern era.

‘Black Meta’ is a modern blackletter typeface that combines calligraphic characteristics of gothic letterforms and simple structures of modern sans serifs. It’s used accordingly as the wordmark for the zine-inspired publication called ‘evolution:’. It’s imagined as a one-topic per edition, displaying the evolution of old ideas contributing to contemporary lifestyle and culture. In essence, it contains historical recounts and provides an engaging experience through graphic illustrations of a niche topic, possibly known, but not fully understood.


The typeface was created through the mixture of the letterform architecture of blackletter and modern sans serif typefaces. This resulted in an alphabet that lacks the complexity of traditional blackletter typefaces, but is reminiscent of its influence with legible characters that possess a distinct shape and simplicity in form.

The first in the ‘evolution:’ series documents the evolution of video game culture and the technological advancements reached to commercialize arcades, home consoles, and create a worldly phenomenon. 

To add to the overall value of the publication, a limited poster and stickers are given in addition to the publication itself on purchase.

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