Lounge around is an organic microwavable popcorn brand, the first of its kind. The product is born from the concept of the occasional do-it-yourself cinema experience people crave at home and capitalising on the rise of online streaming services, such as Netflix and Stan.

The brief was to simply create a food product for a special occasion. The challenge was to establish a product that could compete within supermarket retailers, while being organic and eco-conscious.

Competing in a market dominated by generic flavours, Lounge Around takes on a creative direction that differentiates itself to the most popular brands in the market with different flavours, designs and purpose. The design incorporates a humourous and human element of popcorn. The characterisation of popcorn is pinnacle to the overall brand identity, coupled with retro and organic styling.


The normalities of microwave popcorn products are taken into consideration. Elements such as the bag plastic seal are kept, necessary in keeping the flavours fresh. Although changes are made when possible, such as the conventional inner metallic lining in regular bags used to act as a mini pan. After discovering they’re not entirely needed, these Lounge Around bags are made from paper – completely functional and biodegradable. Although you shouldn’t leave them in the microwave unattended, as it may catch on fire.

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