This brief required a rebrand of SNOWFOAM Australia spanning over 6 months across all its touchpoints to establish a premium position and connect with audiences with a contemporary image and message.

The challenge was to transform this garage start up into a contemporary brand. The existing issues were a dissonance amongst the brands products and outdated visual designs across its channels. Since the businesses initial conception, their users of old and new from the last 5 years were growing, thus the brand itself now had to follow that.


The client requested a monogram – a logomark that could encapsulate the idea of ‘care’ and ‘appreciation’. As they are¬†competing within a saturated market of automotive care, the identity had to be unique and memorable. By immersing in the company’s values, the concept was to ‘bridge two worlds’ and ‘connecting with a common conviction’.¬†This resulted in a bold, geometric and albeit an abstract design of the initials ‘SF’. To unify the logomark and logotype, a modern sans serif was chosen and designed to create a hierarchy between ‘Snowfoam’ and ‘Australia’.

The new website was designed with the use of the analytic tools and findings of user behaviour within the Shopify. Access points were simplified to allow users to experience a seamless buying experience, with appropriate information for guides, customer support and branding in order to increase conversions.

Further signage and store ideation was undertaken to enhance the experience of walk-in customers and presence of the store, both physically and within the digital space. The client requested a design, which incorporated the new branding and secondary language that could be used to increase social media reach, specifically through Instagram and Facebook mentions.

To increase B2B relationships, a trade catalogue was developed to be sent out to potential and interested distributors. This book follows as an extension of the brand, and gives other businesses quick reference and avenues for distribution solutions.

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