Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia

Working with TSAA, this project required reinvigorating the brand as a leading source of information, education and support for individuals with Tourette Syndrome and their families.

TSAA is the primary destination for support and education for individuals with TS and their communities. The goal was to establish an identity with a human-centered design that exuded empathy and acceptance.

With this in mind, the identity system is based on the notion of building blocks and laying the foundation for creating a community where people can understand and appreciate different needs.


The vital part of the project was carrying out a complete redesign of the website and its systems. It had to function as a generative non-profit website that could convert users to donate or join their membership. Combined with the curation of TSAA content and revised charity information, the new vibrant website delivers key pages with simple direct links to TSAA’s purpose, their programs and ways for users to act.

To alleviate the stress and sometimes embarrassing situations TS individuals get when meeting new people, a digital and print identification card was requested so they could quickly notify people of the disorder. The language used is informative and human. It serves as a way for others to understand Tourette Syndrome easily and allows TS individuals to be proactive and confident with their disorder.

The new identity was translated into TSAA’s previous awareness campaigns to demonstrate the identity in use. The elements of the logomark squares are used as the secondary language, making use of a minimal yet impactful design that is easily understandable.

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